Announce Device


 After greeting with a recorded message connects customers to operator.

 Using with a Voice Recorder Device, Announce Device greets a caller with a following kind of speech      “ Welcome to ……

For good quality of service, conversation will be recorded…”.

Supports 4 channels. Can be extended by connecting a desired numbers of devices.

Announce Device’s Functions

a. By greeting with a recorded message , plays a message to a caller.


b. After playing a message, connects to operator.
    i.  If operator answers a phone call, Announce Device connects the call

        to operator.
If operator does not answer, Announce Device plays following message

        such as “ We can’t help you now. Call back later, please. Thank you.”


c. Night mode is available. In the night mode, there are two types of scenario:

    i.  Informs caller that the firm is closed.

    ii. Caller can be informed about night service, number which can be

         programmed by user. 


Advantages of  Announce Device

  Ensures the protection , of hidden recordings.

  Announce Device provides the time for detection Caller ID set automatically,

   so there is no need for extra settings (station settings / programming) .

  While servicing a customers, messages are played with a backround music. Also  


    music playing at transfer mode. 

  By announcing of recording phone call to a caller : caller will express himself more


  Instituon with a recorded data  will make connection with a customer in a short