ARG Voice Recorder is a USB based multichannel voice recording device which is intended for recording and archiving of various voice (mostly speech) sources such as telephone calls, radio, FCT, microphone, Voip gateways, etc...











ARG Voice Recorder PRO & LITE model differences


• Lite Model using MS Access,

  PRO Model using MS SQL Data


 • No remote listening and 

   reporting capability in Lite 


• Lite Model consist of 2, 4 or 8

  channels. Can be extended up to 24

  channels by connecting

  devices to one PC.

• Lite Model does not support

  Maximum – Minimum record period


• Lite Model does not support

  intelligent recording.

• Lite Model does not support  manual

  start / stop recording settings.

• Lite Model does not support 

  Starting to record according Dial /

  Caller numbers which enrolled to the












Lite Voice Recorder Device  



Voice Recorder Lite Server Main Screen                        









Voice Recorder Lite Server

Program Configuration Screen   











Voice Recorder Lite Server Channel

Configuration Screen       











Voice Recorder Searching Screen









Voice Recorder Authorization Screen









Voice Recorder, Stopping numbers of

Voice Recording Screen   











• MS Access Data Base.

• Multiple users with Client – Server architecture.

• Channel based adjustments.

• Live listening.

• Automatic Gain for Control balancing incoming - outgoing voice

• Server program displays (Recordig / Idle, Dialed / Calling

   Number, Incoming / Outgoing Calls,  Connection Status,

   Record Type), ratio of records / backup files sizes.

• Triggering options for starting to record according  to  voice

   detection, outgoing / incoming calls.

•  Scheduled recording.

•  Manual backup: Time scheduled  or Size controlled.

•  Recording on various environments such as CD/DVD/DVD


•  Easy tracking of records from client.

•  Quaries can be done  by : Channel number, Channel name,

   Date, time,duration, DTMF, appended notes, CID.

• Records can be send by e-mail.

• Recording external voices by using  ‘Microphone Module’.

• Recording radio voices by using  ‘Radio Module’ .

• Playing records to customers by using ‘Playing Module’.

• Reporting in Text and  Excel.

• Adjustable report forms.

• Enhanced compression algorithms provides high degree of

  compression. In this way voice

  data covers small space on media.

      • GSM 6.10 [Compression ration=4,92]  

      • DSP Group True Speech [Compression ration =7,498]

      • IMA ADPCM   [Compression ration =2]

      • Lernout Hauspie [Compression ration =5,33]

•  Analysis of incoming / outgoing numbers.

•  Caller is informed in recording voices by using

   ‘ARG Announces’ device.

•  Supports  All Analogue Telephone Stations and other analogue


•  Parallel connection.

•  Device and Software are ARG Products

•  Metal or plastic case.

•  High Price/Quality rate.